Foraging courses with Gavin

Gavin teaching foraging at Hackney Marshes

Gavin has now teamed up with the foraging and teaching team Totally Wild UK ( He has been teaching foraging courses all across London since early 2018.

Gavin teaching foraging courses at Hackney Marshes

Gavin teaching foraging at Hackney Marshes

As well as on social media, you can find details of Gavin’s upcoming walks, forages, courses and feasts here: or look at the embedded page below *.

You can also find all of my upcoming courses on Meetup:

On the walks and foraging courses, you’ll learn how to identify wild plants (and also the plants you should avoid), and how you can use them in food, drink, medicine, and cocktails.
You can also see a google map of all the venues I’ll be running foraging walks at next year, here:

  • Please Note: Forager Gavin only runs the foraging courses listed in London and surrounded areas. Other members of the Totally Wild team run the walks and courses in other locations.