The Starting Point

By Gavin

OK, so where to start with this blog about foraging?

How about with a confession. I’ve started this blog to chronicle my learnings and discoveries (and in some case, just reminders) that I pick up about foraging for food, and preparing it for eating and drinking. However, I’m not actually starting as a beginner. When I first started, the internet and blogging weren’t in common use (way back in 1990). I guess I could go even further back to 1986, when I started hill-walking for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. So, I learned a little about survival and foraging from joining the Army in 1990, and by the time I left in 2000 I’d become a Unit Expedition Leader and learned a little more. Since then, I’ve done a little more walking here and there: Mount Toubkal in Morocco, the highlights of Mont Blanc in the Alps, the Chianti region in Italy, and various walks in England and Wales.

So how much do I know?

Not that much actually. Probably more than most about about foraging, and plant and wildlife identification, but not as much as I’d like to. So here, I’ll be not only chronicling my new discoveries, but also documenting those that I already knew, but have come across again. Hopefully, this’ll help me to remember, and if it’s of any use to you too, that’s great. Please let me know.

See you soon for my first pictures and first real posts.